Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oldboy Review

Oldboy is a South Korean mystery thriller film that is loosely based on the Japanese manga Oldboy (Nobuaki Minegishi and Garon Tsuchiya). It is the second film in Park Chan-wook's Vengeance Trilogy (preceded by Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and followed by Sympathy for Lady Vengeance). 
It follows the story of Oh Dae-su who has been locked in a hotel room for 15 years without knowing the motive of his captor/s. When he finally gets out, he finds himself still trapped in this nightmare and sets out on a quest for vengeance

This is one of the most intense movies you will most likely ever see. It is breathtaking, brutal, and is not only one of the best revenge films, but easily one of the best films ever made. The acting is amazing and while everyone did an amazing job, Choi as the main protagonist Dae-su, stole the show with his powerful and emotional performance. Park (director) gives this movie a very dark bleak look. It reminded me a lot of a David Fincher film. It contains one of the best and my favorite fight scenes in any movie. 

If you can't handle extremely strong violence, torture, sex, language, and subtitles, I suggest you stay far far away from Oldboy. If you can deal with all of that I suggest you watch it. It's an incredible movie with some of the best performances, a moving score, and some great twists. 


(Trailer and fight scene)

With my review done let me talk about what I think about the remake. I am a huge fan of Josh Brolin and while I like some of Spike Lee's movies I do not think he is the director to do such a film. Like I said in my review this movie reminded me of a David Fincher film and I honestly think he would be the perfect director, and really the only director to film the remake and do the original justice. That being said I think this is one of those films that should really not be touched with a remake. Lee will most likely change what made this movie so great and turn it into a watered down Hollywood piece of trash. I will still check it out to see if I was wrong, but I am not hopeful. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Wipers Box Set

Wipers - Box Set

This album contains the Wipers' earliest and most revered works which were remastered in their entirety. It also packs 23 bonus tracks of alternate takes and mixes, outtakes, and live tracks.
The bonuses are great for dedicated fans who have owned the original albums Is This Real?, Youth of America, and Over the Edge. Listeners should not feel as if they're paying extra for them.
Thanks to Sage's lack of greed. You will be spending more money by picking up used copies of the three releases. The bonus tracks are actually worth the price alone.
You should have enough space in your collection for this band as it does for anything else. These three discs contain some of the most amazing, urgent, intense, and proficient music ever made.

This is with out a doubt one of the best buys I have ever had.
A great album. You must get this if you are a punk fan, Nirvana fan, or a rock fan in general.

The best box set I have.

Here is the link to Zeno records where you can buy it IF you want to (I suggest buying it. Does not cost that much. Only $17.00)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness (1990)

Poison Idea are one of those bands that are unsung heroes that basically went unnoticed. It is a shame less talented 'punk rock" bands and just less talented bands and artists in general became more successful than these guys.
The closest Poison Idea ever got to mainstream exposure was when Pantera covered The Badge for the soundtrack of the 1994 film The Crow.  Here Poison Idea successfully fuses the pummeling rhythm section of heavy metal with the three-chord speed and fury of hardcore punk and lace it all with hard rock and metal elements while this sonic stew is topped off with Jerry A's venomous vocals. Here Poison Idea created, not only their masterpiece with Feel The Darkness, but also one of the greatest albums of not only their respected genre/s, but also of all time.

Track Listing

"Plastic Bomb" – 3:07

"Deep Sleep" – 2:23

"The Badge" (Jerry A., Poison Idea) – 3:33

"Just to Get Away" – 2:31

"Gone for Good" – 1:16

"Death of an Idiot Blues" – 2:52

"Taken by Surprise" – 3:14

"Alan's on Fire" – 4:12

"Welcome to Krell" (Jerry A., Aldine Strichnine) – 1:58

"Nation of Finks" (Jerry A., Myrtle Tickner) – 1:32

"Back Stab Gospel" (Jerry A., Myrtle Tickner) – 1:37

"Painkiller" – 1:47

"Feel the Darkness" – 5:50

"Discontent" – 3:31

Band Personnel:

Jerry A.: Vocals
Mondo: Guitar, Piano
Pig Champion: Guitar
Thee Slayer Hippy: Drums
Myrtle Tickner: Bass

Take a listen.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Buzzov*en - Sore

Buzzov*en - Sore (1994)

WARNING : The lyrics and music were done under the influence of drugs like crack and heroin and periods of homelessness and depression.

Alright here is the first album I am going to review. It is Sore from the sludge metal band Buzzov*en.
Track after track contains sampled intros which sets you up for  perhaps one of the most vicious, violent albums ever created, and certainly not in a posturing sense, but in the purest, most undiluted manner. You name it - careless abandon, violence, hardcore heroin use, and theft. This band lived it like they played it. They, particularly founder Kirk, were able to harness this negativity into one of the most potent vessels of hatred and rage since early hardcore punk.
The album captures the punishing, hardcore brutality of this trio at their peak by capturing  the mammoth drumming abilities of Ash Lee, the mean / nasty guitar tone of Kirk Fisher as well as his rage filled vocals that honestly are second to none.
 I suggest picking this monster album up.


I'll be doing some reviews of some albums, movies, and games I have come across.